oSTEM@GT promoting professional development

oSTEM@GT has recently merged with Pride Alliance! This page will be periodically updated with more information as we move through this merger.

We're the Georgia Tech chapter of Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics! We strive to promote academic and professional development in the LGBTQIA community and allies at Georgia Tech.


oSTEM is a national society serving the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Allies (LGBTQA) communities and functions to:
- Provide services and support for students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
- Create a dynamic network between students and professionals in industry and academia.
- Provide education, outreach, and professional resources to high school students.
Actively recruit and address the needs of diverse groups within the LGBTQA community, inclusive of those who are historically underrepresented with regards to gender and ethnic background.

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Please contact us at gatech@chapters.ostem.org with any questions!