Our Officers profiles of our executive board

Scout Schultz (they/them)
3rd Year Computer Engineering
Office Hours: Tue/Thur 12-1 PM

I've lived around the US, but mostly in Lilburn, GA. I'm bisexual, nonbinary, and intersex. I play tabletop games (D&D!), love cartoons (Steven Universe! MLP!), complain about politics, listen to weird music, et paulum linguae Latinae dico. I'm also a Diversity Ambassador.

Genny Kennedy (she/hers)
Vice President
1st Year Aerospace Engineering
Office Hours: Tue/Thur 2-3 PM

Hello! I am from Lawrenceville, GA, and I am an Aerospace Engineering major. In addition to Pride Alliance, I am a member of Emerging Leaders and AASU. I love vaporwave and future funk music, anime, and just art in general.

William Harrer (he/his)
2nd Year Electrical Engineering
Office Hours: Wed 10-12 PM

I am a 2nd year EE major, minoring in German and Industrial Design. I am a Peer Leader in Hefner-Armstrong. I am also a member of Student Center Programs Council and manage oSTEM events. I'm pretty okay at Photoshop and Illustrator. We can chat about Beyoncé or anything you want..

Lyn Phan (she/hers)
1st Year Music Technology
Office Hours: Mon/Wed 10-11 AM

I'm from Lawrenceville, GA and I'm a Music Technology major. I'm transgender. My favorite things are plushies and video games. I'm a total music geek so hit me up if you ever want to talk about marching band or music tech!

Hadden Kelley (he/his)
Outreach Chair
1st Year Biomedical Engineering
Office Hours: Tue 10-12 PM

I'm from Albany, GA and am majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I don't really do sports, but if you want to go and get some really cheap food, hit me up. I do a lot of visual art and love to share it with people.

Dalton Lewis (he/his)
Design Chair & Webmaster
1st Year Chemical Engineering
Office Hours: Mon 4-6 PM

I’m from Edmond, OK, and I’m a Chemical Engineering major. I actually used to live in Georgia but moved away for high school. I love almost any type of music and play the cello in my spare time. I enjoy photography and editing photos immensely.

Kathleen Weil (she/hers)
First Year Representative
1st Year Environmental Engineering
Office Hours: Wed 3-5 PM

I'm an Environmental Engineering major from Roswell, GA. Along with Pride Alliance, I'm involved with the Sustainability Committee of MOVE and Qchats. I like feminist punk music, crocheting, and playing guitar in my free time.